What is Small Business VoIP?

Small business VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, is gaining in popularity as business owners discover its many cost-saving benefits. As business becomes increasingly more competitive, many smaller companies demand the same user-friendly telecommunications networks that the larger corporations utilize.  By switching to cloud-based VoIP systems, businesses enjoy a wider range of calling and data features without the excruciating monthly charges, including additional savings on systematic backup solutions of highly sensitive data.

Save money on long-distance charges

VoIP technology combines a company’s telecommunications lines with those of the Internet, creating a higher quality and more reliable system.  Because the telephone conversations travel along the Internet connection, long-distance charges are essentially eradicated.  Meanwhile, employees, customers, and clients enjoy crystal clear communication regardless of their geographical location, unlike the rather erratic voice quality of traditional landline services.

Get better backup solutions at a lower cost.

By combining all of your voice and data communications into a single bundle, businesses can also reap huge rewards in creative backup solutions that are easily manageable and infinitely secure.  Individual backups systems for different departmental requirements can be designed to function independently and at different intervals.  Meanwhile, all of this sensitive information is stored in a secondary, off-site location along with your voicemail and email communications.

Get more tools for the same low price.

Local telephone companies tend to charge individual fees for such standard features as call forwarding, call waiting, caller ID, and voicemail.  With small business VoIP, these features come in one standard bundle, reducing the monthly costs considerably.  And because all of the telephone conversations take place in the World Wide Web, businesses can also instantly create multiple virtual office locations around the world with a simple modification to their existing small business VoIP program.  Accomplishing this task through traditional landline phone companies is simply not cost-effective for most small businesses.

Update your system instantly as you grow.

Small business VoIP systems are easily scalable to grow and expand with the needs of your business.  As the company begins to hire more employees, the cloud-based VoIP technology can be instantly updated to accommodate the increasing staff.   With traditional landline services, local technicians need to come to your business and install new cables and telephone outlets, costing your company valuable time, money, and frustration.  Small business VoIP technologies from Method 1 IT can add new seats to the service instantly while also providing immediate access to your company’s standard call features and backup solutions simultaneously. Contact us today for more information.