IT Support to Meet Your Every Need

To remain competitive, today’s small businesses demand the same levels of IT support that the larger corporations enjoy.  From innovative backup solutions to customized VoIP technologies, Method 1 IT offers a variety of customized services to fit the unique needs of any individual business. Reliable IT services should be efficient, user-friendly, and affordable.  Our experienced team from Method 1 IT creates cost-effective solutions in a bundled package to meet the specific technical and budgetary requirements of each company.

Remote IT Support

Instead of hiring a permanent employee to manage the company’s IT infrastructure, consider the remotely provided supportive services of Method 1 IT.   For reporting simple glitches in the system, we offer a fully staffed Help Desk from Monday through Friday during normal business hours.  In many cases, we can talk you through the necessary maintenance directly over the phone.

Onsite IT support

We also offer onsite IT support where an experienced and certified engineer makes regular visits to your facility on a predetermined schedule.  We can perform routine hardware and software upgrades, offer training and support to employees, and conduct proactive network maintenance to reduce the risks of future system failures that can cripple any business.

Backup Solutions

With the popularity of cloud-based backup solutions rising at a rapid pace, many business owners are taking advantage of this marvelous new technology.  Others might be fearful of potential security and liability issues, causing them to postpone the installation of these new technological upgrades.  Our team from Method 1 IT meets with each of our clients to discuss their many available options.  Storage of all company data should always include two different locations. We create synchronized backup solutions that work across multiple platforms, including desktops, laptops, smartphones, and work-from-home scenarios.

VoIP Technologies

Even smaller businesses need global telecommunication capabilities. The VoIP technology services from Method 1 IT offer a cost-effective solution with limited upfront costs.  Combine your Internet and telephone services into a single bundled package while improving the consistency and clarity of audio and voice communications regardless of your global location.  With an installation process that takes only minutes to complete, your state-of-the-art VoIP system can be fully operational in no time.

Method 1 IT also designs and builds scalable IT systems that can easily grow and expand along with your business.  We can also redesign existing systems to increase efficiency and productivity while providing detailed network documentation of all software, hardware, applications, and licensing. For more information on our many professional services including IT support, VoIP systems, and possible backup solutions, contact us Method 1 IT today.