Data Recovery | Help Is Here

Quick and reliable data recovery can save valuable time, money, and frustration.  Losing valuable information due to hardware or software glitches, malware or virus infections, or basic human error might cause your business some terrible and irreversible consequences. The main reason that so many companies fail to recover lost data is their inability to locate and restore crucial information immediately. And most businesses only first become aware of the missing information at the very instant that they need it.

The Redundancy Factor

As more and more offices go “paperless,” your data recovery capabilities should take into consideration the varying possible circumstances that can severely impact access to this digitally-stored information. Having the ability to retrieve the lost data from an alternative location in a timely manner is critical. Method 1 IT specializes in designing and implementing backup strategies with redundant measures for ensuring minimal disruption to your company’s internal operations.

Common Causes of Data Loss

Unfortunately, many businesses are unaware of the many risks that threaten our digital data on a daily–or even hourly–basis. The manner in which we save, store, and manage this information is crucial. The most common causes of data failure include:

  • Hardware failures
  • Software corruptions
  • Bad programming
  • Power surges or improper shutdowns
  • Virus, malware, or ransomware Attacks
  • Natural disasters, like floods, lightning strikes, or earthquakes
  • Basic human error

Method 1 IT can design a cloud-based storage solution that is easily manageable and offers the highest levels of security and protection. We can create an affordable backup system that is easily scalable to grow and expand along with your business needs. Our data recovery systems can also include compression and encryption protocols for easy recovery at a moment’s notice.

Managed Services from Method 1 IT

An efficient and secure IT infrastructure requires a dedicated team of experienced professionals. At Method 1 IT, we are up-to-date on the latest technological advancements.  Cyber-criminals and hackers are always on the lookout for businesses who fall behind in system upgrades and security updates. Method 1 IT will keep your data highly secure and easily retrievable. We can also provide the proactive network maintenance required to limit these mishaps of lost data in the future.  For more information on our affordable data recovery services, contact Method 1 IT today. Help is on the way!