Backup Solutions for Your Business

Most business owners are very aware of the importance of backing up the company data.  With so many different backup solutions available, choosing the best possible option can be quite difficult for those who are not up-to-date on the latest technologies and strategies.  From Full Backups to Mirror Backups, the experts from Method 1 IT can evaluate your corporate IT infrastructure to help you determine which option is the most efficient and affordable.

  • Full Backup:  This is the most traditional method where we preselect certain documents and files for a periodic backup.  Backing up files takes time and slows the operational speed of the total system.  Therefore, we might design a backup strategy where only the sales files are backed up every few hours, the accounting files are archived daily, and the total network is saved at the end of every workweek.
  • Incremental Backup:  During this process, only those documents that have changed since the initial Full Backup will be archived.  This results in a much faster and more efficient use of the network.
  • File Level Backup:  This is one of the best backup solutions for files that are continuously in use throughout the workday, very often by multiple users from various locations.  This system is also great for work-at-home employees.
  • Offsite Backup:  When we store the backed up data to a different geographical location other than the business property, this is called an Offsite Backup.    If something happens to the primary address of the business, like a natural disaster or fire, then the corporate data is still safe and secure.
  • Online Backup:  This process does not involve purchasing lots of hardware, running throughout the office with a very elaborate system of wires and cables. All of the backup processes occur through the Internet or “online.”
  • Cloud Backup:  The terms Cloud Backup and Online Backup are often interchangeable.  In a Cloud Backup, business owners store all of their corporate information in “The Cloud.”  But be careful.  Security is always a major concern with these types of backup solutions.
  • Mirror Backup:  This process should be used with extreme caution.  But for many business owners, the Mirror Backup makes a great deal of sense.  In the Mirror Backup, when a file is deleted from the primary network, the related “backed up” file will also be deleted.  This backup strategy can save huge amounts of storage space over the long term when used properly.

These are the more common methods of backing up data, and many of them can be mixed-and-matched to fit your individual business.  However, only experienced and reliable experts in IT backup solutions should design and implement these types of changes.  For more information, contact Method 1 IT for a free consultation today!